Tió, Adrian

<em>De Tres Racies (Root of Three)</em>
De Tres Racies (Root of Three)
relief and letterpress on paper, 1999
Adrian Tió (Fort Wayne, Indiana, )

Tió’s parents moved to Indiana from Puerto Rico and while he studied art at Temple University and the Tyler School of Art, his earlier teaching career brought him back to Indiana where he taught at Indiana State University. Tió and his students worked on several relief print projects during his time at ISU. Many of the works contain bilingual poetry layered along with his images, sometimes causing one, the other, or both to become lost and enmeshed within one another. Tió refers to this artistic strategy as “bivisual” and hopes to communicate and connect across cultures. His stateside upbringing was a separation from his Latino heritage and from the use of the Spanish language. He spends his visual energy reconnecting to those parts of his identity. His is the imagery of searching and of locating. The discovery of the conflicted duality he feels in himself bares out in work like DeTres Raices (Root of Three). It is a personal journey through his liminal space, exploring, connecting, and introducing visual and textual sources, Spanish and English, mask and portrait, life and death, in a single bivison.