Millard-Mendez, Rob

<em>Building a Movement (after George Lopez)</em>
Building a Movement (after George Lopez)
Wood, paint, string, plastic, 2017
Rob Millard-Mendez (Massachusetts, )
2017 Swope Art Museum 73rd Annual Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition Indiana State University Permanent Art Collection Purchase Award

Working mostly in wood sculpture, Millard-Mendez has spent his career honing various woodworking skills and teaching at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. His work often gives forms to the cycles of history and its potential epic consequences. In Building a Movement (after George Lopez), contemporary political events are charged with the mythic force from sculptor George Lopez’s Saint Michael the Archangel and the Devil. A mechanized Saint Michael wearing a pink pussy hat stabs a prone winged sharp-toothed screaming devil. Saint Michael’s crane tail ready to lift a message above the fray. In Building a Movement, the story of Saint Michael casting out Lucifer is found in the events surrounding the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, and our perspectives of those myths confuses our notions of what is good and evil and what is heaven and hell.