Gómez-Quiroz, Juan

Etching on paper, 1970
Juan Gómez-Quiroz (Santiago, Chile, 1939-)

Cosmos is a non-representational colored etching of splotches of black, white and yellow with cross-hatching on a red background. The red is etched deep, projecting the splotches forward. There are tiny black speckles on the black as well that push back into space, furthering the illusion of depth in the work. The title suggests a depth beyond three-dimensions and into space-time. His concern is in breaking with what he refers to as the naivety of realism and the artist’s caprice. He describes his work as “embodying a complete epistemological break with the Euclidean-Cartesian view of space and their modes of representation.” Indeed, the organizing principle in Cosmos is seemingly random, but in fact shares the same mathematics for how much of the universe organizes, from leaves on a plant to clusters of galaxies. Gómez-Quiroz’s prints are still smaller in many ways than that which he seeks to describe. Instead, they rely on careful hints in composition and technique to suggest a world that we must imagine to complete.