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Due to cuts in staff and technical support, the State-IT cite will no longer display future exhibits from the Special Collections department. 2/25/2019



Latin American Art at ISU (Spring 2019)



The Leaves of Our Trees (Fall 2018)



The Study and Appreciation of the Natural World (Summer 2018)


 Spring 2018- Theater

We Got Spirit Yes We Do (Fall 2017)


Rare Books & Manuscripts Sampler (Summer 2017)


What the Trunk (Spring 2017)


Rooted in Blue: The History and Importance of Student Organizations at ISU (Fall 2016)


Greetings From....Travel Through the Centuries (Summer 2016)


Ask The Same Questions: Stories Connecting Art & Science (Spring 2016)


Seasons of White and Blue: Exploring the Past and Present of ISU (Fall 2015)


Residence Halls (Fall 2014)


Leatherheads and Helmets: The History and Traditions of ISU Football


Buildings and Architecture 

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University Presidents

President Jones

Artistry of Early Books